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Estève Beauty Salon Adelaide

Would you like to be pampered? We provide Affordable beauty therapy services including facials, Manicure & pedicure, Womens Waxing, Massage Therapy and lots more.

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Beauty Salon Adelaide West Lakes

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Why Choose Us!

Estève Beauty salon Adelaide has been established for over 15 years in West Lakes, Adelaide. Our beauty therapists are authorised Dermalogica skin treatment specialists offering a wide range of beauty treatments for your skin and body including waxing, facials, tanning, pedicures, manicures, lash extensions, massage therapy and body wraps.

Estève Beauty salon Adelaide is a youthful innovative business dedicated to providing our clients with a holistic approach to their well-being and beauty. We achieve this by targeting the 3 key areas of mind, body, and soul. Where possible, we source only natural beauty products, which are safe for women of all ages, including pregnant women.

Embrace a new sense of vitality, balance and wellness and let us pamper you with the best products available

Manicure & Pedicure Treatments


Manicures and pedicures should be a treat as well as part of your weekly or monthly routine. At Estève Beauty you are in a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere, so it becomes something you look forward to, rather than just popping in at the local salon for a quick fix.

The furniture is comfortable, there are no harsh fumes, and the therapist is there to make you feel at your best. The therapists or technicians carrying out your manicure or pedicure will give you excellent work that lasts, shape your nails perfectly, and suggest the perfect colour for you.

It may only be a manicure or a pedicure, but working on your hands or feet can leave your whole body feeling fabulous.

Whilst you're there why not take one further step to indulging yourself and enjoy a massage, facial or choose from one of our many pamper packages.

Fast Waxing Services


Here at Estève Beauty salon Adelaide we strive to make your waxing treatment a comfortable one.

Choose from leg waxing (including brazilian waxing), eyebrow waxing, arm and leg waxing. We also have a range of waxing packages.

Come in and treat yourself - you deserve it. Why not get a bikini wax done and sit back and relax as one of our professional beauticians does all the work for you. Waxing is an art and if done incorrectly can cause all sorts of ongoing skin problems which is why all our staff have been trained in the art of waxing. Waxing beauty services are very important to all women and we pride ourselves on being very friendly and professional, always keeping your privacy and comfort in mind.

No matter what waxing service you require, come in and see one of our friendly team members.

Popular Beauty Services

Esteve Beauty provides a large range of beauty services that allows you to unwind, relax and be pampered. Some of our most popular beauty treatments include Waxing, Deluxe Manicures & Pedicures, Advanced Facial Treatments and a large range of Cosmetic beauty services

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